Supplements: Harmful or Helpful?


There is little to NO known scientific evidence that supports our $30 Billion dollar vitamin and supplement industry. So why are we wasting so much money on products that do not work, or even worse, cause harm to the consumer.

There are over 90,000 vitamins and dietary supplement products sold in the US every single day. They come in pills, powders, drinks, and bars. And, they are all the rage amongst those in the fitness industry, promising to make you happier, healthier, stronger, better muscles, better sex lives, along with another handful of unfounded claims.

This industry operates with virtually no oversight. The FDA isn’t even authorized to review these supplements for safety and efficacy before they hit the US market. This means that the products you are hearing about on radio stations, TV commercials, social media ads, or your local supplement stores may not actually contain what they say they do. They may actually have a wide variety of chemicals that are harmful and that you didn’t ask for.

Even after these chemically filled batches of randominity hit the US market, the FDA lacks the capacity to keep up with all the new products and health claims in order to flush out the bad actors. It is hard to blame them alone, as Doctors and health professionals also have trouble keeping up with all the new products.

The supplements that are generally causing the most issues are those that are portraying themself as a muscle builder, weight loss burner, sexual performance enhancers, and sport performance enhancers. These products are behind 25,000 emergency room visits every year.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid all supplements or that supplements don’t work, but if you are having a serious problem of absorbing nutrients then you need to talk to a Doctor before self medicating with an unknown product. For everything else, eating a well rounded diet will help maintain all the right proportions of nutrients being absorbed into your body.