Consultation Checklist: What to Expect!

The initial consultation before beginning your training journey is the most important aspect on the path to a healthier and happier lifestyle. So let’s talk about what actually goes down in a consultation or rather, what information we will need to collect from you as a potential client.

  1. Get to know each other

    First, we will want to take some time to briefly get to know one another. Picking the right trainer for you is a crucial step in the process. Without the right trainer for what your needs are you could be wasting a lot of time and  potentially a chunk of hard earned money.

  2. Learn about you and your history

    Secondly, we will want to learn more about you and your history: from exercise, health reports, sport injuries, to weight loss failures and successes. We want to know as much information as we can take in. This will help us design the most appropriate program and the best plan for you and your needs.

  3. What your expectations are for the future

    Once we know your past and present lifestyle and health history, we will want to start looking towards what your expectations are for the future. What are you goals? Where do you see yourself as far as a short term goal of 12 weeks and a long term goal of a year?

  4. Brief fitness test

    Our next step after gaining this information is to go through a brief fitness test to see where we are starting from. We will look for stamina and strength, along with muscle imbalances and postural analysis. During this time if applicable we will do measurements and figure out what our body composition is made of.

  5. Figure out caloric intake and specific goals

    With the previous information we can now perform specific equations to figure out caloric intake and how many times a week we will need to be working so we can obtain our goals as fast we appropriately and healthily can.

  6. Map out a strategy

    Lastly, we will want to map out a strategy. The sheer amount of information that gets presented and brought to your goals via the consultation can really take a client off guard.  Some trainers I know prefer to have a client fill out a 20 question document, some have a process that’s definitively laid out from first call to consult to assessment to first training session. Personally speaking, I prefer the in-person sit down, 45-90 minute conversation in front of a computer or notebook inside the gym where we will be training. After we get all this done the last thing to do is to step to the plate and give it your best shot and look to learn as much as you can so you can succeed inside the gym but also be able to take that knowledge and succeed outside of the gym too.