We specialize in building healthier lifestyles.

We specialize in building healthier lifestyles.



Welcome to Trivium Personal Fitness, your gym of choice for fitness classes, cross training, and health and wellness training!

At our gym in Affton, MO, Trivium's team of experienced trainers can help you reach your fitness goals by creating a customized workout plan that will enable you to lose weight, improve flexibility, prepare for the next race, or just keep up with the grandkids. From beginners looking to start working out to weekend warriors and professional athletes, Trivium can cater to the needs of anybody searching for a "gym near me."

Too many fitness centers only offer specific gym workouts that don't meet a variety of individual needs. This highly specialized approach forces you to spend nearly as much time driving from place to place in order to get the complete workout and nutritional support you need as you do at the gym. At Trivium Personal Fitness, we take a customized approach that addresses the individual fitness needs of every person with a gym membership. From your very first visit, we believe in teaching members the tools needed to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle, now and into the future. Give our gym in Affton, MO a call or click here to discover the stronger, healthier you that's just waiting to come out and play.

Do you need help balancing nutrition and developing healthy eating habits?

The in-house wellness coaches at Trivium can take you step-by-step through the process of redefining your diet. Whether you're just starting out, or a pro, our experienced instructors can help with your fitness goals. Want to shed a few unwanted pounds? Our trainers can customize an individual fitness routine around any schedule that will enable you to achieve specific goals, supported by nutritional guidance and just the right amount of motivation.

At Trivium, we remain committed to using the latest technology and techniques to help mold you into the version you've always wanted. Whether you want to eat better, stay healthy, or lose weight, our diverse and experienced team of trainers can provide you with the guidance needed to achieve your goals and exceed you expectations. Our trainers can customize a workout that's tailored to meeting the demands of daily life. From bending over to tie your shoes to placing your luggage in the overhead compartment, Trivium trainers will prepare your body for real life events. For a complete list and bios of our fantastic team of trainers, instructors, and wellness coaches, please click here to visit our Trainers page.





Getting a gym membership can often feel intimidating for those looking to get a fresh start on their physical fitness.

From not knowing how to use the equipment to feeling self-conscious about your current level of fitness, it's easy to feel uncertain and overwhelmed when visiting the gym without receiving the right level of support. That's why at Trivium Personal Fitness, we've designed our St. Louis gym to accommodate everyone from the Average Joe all the way up to the Olympic athlete. Our friendly and patient staff is here to answer your questions, assist your needs, and help you achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle.

At Trivium, we're not some corporate gym looking to extract every last dollar from our members. We want to provide the most bang for your buck by offering access to the equipment, classes, and training you need to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. To better meet your fitness needs, we offer a variety of different fitness packages that you can check out on our Membership page. We also offer a great workout incentive program that actually reduces your monthly fees the more you visit the gym! What could be better than that? Give us a call, visit or Membership page, or stop by anytime to get started on the path towards a healthier you.

Keshav R


I was pretty nervous about going to a Personal Trainer because this was my first time hiring a professional. From the moment I walked into Trivium Personal Fitness, I was welcomed with a non-judgemental and friendly attitude....

Kevin Dubbins


Working with Trivium helped me to achieve my goal of gaining weight the correct way. Ryan uses science and physiology in his approach rather than pushing fad exercises/diets and pushing supplements that don't work.

Christian Hatfield

I would highly recommend Trivium to anyone looking for a new gym or personal training. The gym has your standards (weights, racks, benches) but it also has open areas for functional training and classes with the equipment to match. The staff is knowledgeable, and I can attest that Ryan is continually searching out the latest research to incorporate into the gym's offerings. If you're looking to avoid the cookie-cutter gyms and step into an atmosphere dedicated to getting smart, safe results, give Trivium a shot.

Brianna O’Hara

Trivium is the place for me! They offer customizable workout plans based on my needs!

Sam Buckle

Trivium can really change your life as it has done to mine , the knowledge and skill base I’ve required from Ryan is unmatched from any other trainers I’ve worked with he will teach you the why, hows, when’s, and the what’s highly recommend!

Cari Stewart

I have been putting off exercising and weight loss for years, and was scared walking into a gym again. This was nothing like I expected! I've hard health scares recently, and this was a little intimidating at first, but Ryan really knows his stuff, from nutrition to how the body works, to what exercises are going to do the best for me. I am so happy to have overcome my "gym fear."